Non-binary artist Bizarrefae wants to redefine the fairy-tale genre to focus more on empowerment, independence and fighting back against the patriarchy.

Nrvs / I Like You - video still 7b (Ten Pence)

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Emerging from an isolated existence during lockdown comes the new musical persona Bizarrefae (They / Them) – a non-binary anti-folk / punk project located somewhere deep within the heart of the woods to please the ears of the ‘fae’.

The first release from this enigmatic artist is the track Dwarfed – an exposé of the tropes within the fairy-tale genre that romanticise abusive behaviour, gender stereotypes & co-dependency to easily influenced young minds.

Working with Hull’s top electro producer team Endoflevelbaddie, Bizarrefae began transforming the rough demos recorded during lockdown from their punk/folk roots into a modern electronic sound – the result being Dwarfed – a slice of pure alt-pop magic with an infectious beat and low-end drone over which central character Andromeda spits their defiant verse with a highly charged and poignant message. Bizarrefae says of the release “the aim of Dwarfed is to create a conversation about redefining the fairy-tale genre to focus more on empowerment, independence and fighting back against the patriarchy.”

The Dwarfed video, directed by Hull based creative Bolder Visual, sees images of Disney characters superimposed over Andromeda as they sing about defining their own autonomy with lyrics like “laced with misogyny, princess public property, That’s Not Me!”

Raised by a musical mother who encouraged them to sing dance & make as much noise as they could to make themselves happy, the person behind Bizarrefae, Andromeda cites Alanis Morissette, Kimya Dawson, SayWeCanFly, Zheani, Van Gogh & Avril Lavigne as influences.

Always drawn towards music that comes from the heart, they look to write about their deepest fears & brightest hopes in their own compositions, pouring every ounce of emotion that was ‘too strong to feel’, into the words in their songs. Having formed Hull band C.O.N.S.P.I.R.A.C.Y, with likeminded spirits, where they lyrically tackled what it meant to be human in the modern world, it was when Warren Records presented the opportunity to get involved in the VENN 21 collaborative youth project that they started working with producers Endoflevelbaddie on realising Bizarrefae’s music.

Now, with the release of their first single Dwarfed, the future looks bright for Bizarrefae as they continue to develop the conversation around gender identity and a non-binary society. Be sure to follow them on their social media and watch this space as the story unfolds…

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