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The UK based Swedish singer-songwriter continues to enthral us all with the release of her sophomore album – an exploration into self-determination and an individual’s search for their own personal harmony with nature.

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Format: Vinyl & Digital Album

Label: Revanche Records

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic, Indie Folk

Key tracks: Ships In The Night, Avalon, Reef, How It’s Supposed to Feel

FFO: Laura Marling, Billie Marten, Mitski, Kate Bush

“Stunning, we love this… beautiful, gentle, gorgeous music” Carrie & David Grant / BBC Radio London

“I’m a big fan of Malin Andersson, both her sound and her music. I also just love her thinking behind the songs” Eve Blair (The Late Show) / BBC Radio Ulster

“The influence of Joni Mitchell is apparent here but Malin is very much her own artist” Fresh On the Net

Following the critical success of her recent singles Reef, Avalon & Ships In The Night, which have enjoyed support from BBC Scotland, London & Ulster & Radio X, Scandinavian singer-songwriter Malin Andersson releases her acclaimed sophomore album Space To Feel – a body of work that explores the phenominon of people with high sensitivity in today’s society & defence of the self.

On the album, tasteful acoustic arrangements cloak Malin’s silky smooth vocals, complimenting her songwriting which touches on aspects of self-worth, humanity’s relationship with Mother Nature, spiritual awareness & navigating change. It’s a highly personal artistic expression that delves deep into Malin’s own life-experiences & how she’s chosen to deal with them. Vulnerability, self-doubt & the idea of trusting in the future are all interwoven in a collection of melodically rich compositions which display gravitas & a belief that we all matter.

Recorded & mixed in London, Grästorp / Sweden & Los Angeles, most of the album is produced by Malin herself, aside from the opening track Ships In The Night which was co-produced (& co-written) with New Orleans-bred / LA based producer Ben Alleman (Dr John, Willie Nelson, Don Was) & Reef which was co-produced with Swedish musician Anders Rane (Harriett Nauer, The Playtones). Mastering was done by Mo Hausler (Bat For Lashes, Marina & The Diamonds, HONNE).

There are descriptions on the individual tracks below but as a complete body of work Malin says “in contrast to my first album, I’ve given myself more time & space on this release, allowing me to be more conscious of choosing the right tunes. The songs mainly reflect the journey I’ve been on, and still am, with accepting my own sensitivity & as a result it’s meant a lot for my own personal development. Along the way I’ve connected with more like-minded people who I can relate to & hope the album encourages others to be themselves, not rush into decisions & give themselves the space to sit with their feelings”.

Originally from Swedish village Tibro, Malin grew up in a musical household & at the age of eight started writing her own songs. Citing Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez & Anna Ternheim plus author Virginia Woolf & Swedish poets Edith Södergran & Karin Boye as inspiration, Malin’s gentle guitar, profound lyrics & evocative melodies soon caught the attention of SKAP (Swedish Soc. of Songwriters, Composers & Authors) who presented her with a prestigious Award for Emerging Artists & Songwriters. Then on moving to London, Malin collaborated with songwriters & producers to develop her sound & has now played over 100 shows in the capital at St Pancras Old Church, Union Chapel, The Lexington, Paper Dress Vintage & others.

With recent gigs in London, Rotterdam & Berlin, Malin’s distinctive style, which combines Scandinavian melodies with a hint of English folk & reflective lyrics, is resonating deeply with audiences all over Europe. For the album release there’s an upcoming launch gig at London’s Servant Jazz Quarters (4th April) & she’ll be performing at Sweden’s Future Echoes Festival (22nd Mar). Be sure to keep an eye on her socials for future dates and other news as interest in this talented singer-songwriter continues to grow…

Track Descriptions…

01: Ships In The Night – I’ve always had a feeling in me of being “too late” or “too soon”, constantly wondering if I’m in the right place at the right time and whether it’s up to me to make the big decisions or leave it to some higher power. I often reflect on the interplay between life’s clock & the celestial constellations – this song grew from those thoughts.

02: Avalon – This song’s a reminder to myself as well a message to other empaths & highly sensitives – that no matter how strongly you can feel & relate to someone else’s mental struggle & feelings – you don’t have to take it on-board as a problem for yourself to fix. However, you can be there to listen & often that is more than enough.

03: Earth – This is my contemplation on the environmental crises & climate change, while considering the collective sense of powerlessness when facing these challenges. There is such uncertainty about how to address our shared concerns while recognising the human tendency to selectively perceive reality, acknowledging that as a collective, we often see only what we want to see.

04: Reef – The first of many songs I’ve written about being highly sensitive, it came from a place of overwhelming worry about the environmental crisis that we’re all facing. I tried putting words to that feeling of anxiety which often comes with being a Highly Sensitive Person. This song is dedicated to nature’s great barrier; the reef & symbolises humanity’s misdirection – while we collectively ask ourselves how to find the way back to harmony with nature & so find peace within ourselves.

05: Signs – Exploring the ever-present theme of human transformation, Signs is a narrative about the experience of growing beyond a community that once provided a sense of belonging. With personal growth, the awareness emerges that ‘fitting in’ to their past perception of you is no longer feasible. It’s a story about recognizing signs, bravely letting go of relationships that no longer align with your journey & trusting you’ll find stability, regardless of the outcome.

06: Island – About the experience of feeling emotions with deep intensity, this track explores the longing for that person who could comfort you when the overwhelm becomes too big & the waves of emotions seem uncontrollable.

07: How It’s Supposed to Feel – A moving portrayal of how quickly our emotions can shift from one moment to the next. The song captures the disorientation experienced when someone close to you disappears from your life without trace, leaving you with only questions & no answers.

08: Good Luck – I had constant neck pain for nearly a year a while back & the discomfort not only hindered my sleep but also deprived me of the joy of playing guitar. The song reflects on my tendency to blame myself for neglecting self-care, leading to a loss of faith in the possibility that positive things could come my way. I felt as if I’d surrendered my good luck & the ability to manifest my desires. Then seeking solace in nature, I was reminded of the pointlessness of trying to force outcomes. In the end I rediscovered my own rhythm & miraculously the pain subsided.

09: Enough – This song delves into the apprehensions that come when beginning a new relationship, navigating the process of getting to know someone & gradually allowing them into your life. It explores the self-doubt that arises when faced with the question as to whether I can measure up to this extraordinary person who I’ve just met, particularly since I was in a phase where I didn’t feel adequate within myself.

10: Every Day Holds A Promise – A tribute to my Grandma, who sadly passed away a few years back. She was not just a grandmother but also one of my closest friends. Our conversations delved deep into life & she imparted wisdom on how to approach challenges with a positive mindset. One of her enduring sayings was ‘you shouldn’t grief the day that hasn’t yet come’, so conveying the idea that there’s no point in worrying about future sorrows. I transformed her wisdom into the phrase ‘every day holds a promise‘, emphasising the idea that each day brings something new & unforeseen, so encouraging a positive outlook on the unknown possibilities of the present.

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Malin Andersson - Photo Credit: Alex Simpsson