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Alyx Lynn / Oh Amy - artwork

Hull born pop-punk artist Alyx Lynn releases the highly infectious single Oh Amy – a future indie classic about coming to terms with social rejection and letting go of the destructive feelings around such situations.

Released on Hull’s Warren Records and recorded at their inhouse studios with local indie producer Adam Pattrick, this perfect slice of pop-punk magic with its 90s style guitars tells Alyx’s personal story about losing a highly valued friendship when other people get involved and change the dynamic – a sort of sarcastic tongue in cheek ‘love letter’ that’s a parting gift to them all!

Alyx explains: “this song means a lot to me as it represents my thoughts and feelings during a very emotional and vulnerable time in my life. Working through the rejection I felt when a close friend moved onto a different scene, I eventually learnt to find acceptance of the situation and was then able to let go and not be afraid of losing someone, which is something I’ve often struggled with. So, for me to be able to move on and fearlessly put all these thoughts and emotions out there in a song is very special to me”

(press release, artwork & images included in MP3 download)