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Electric Sufi / Breathe In Love - artwork

“So many beautiful elements” BBC Introducing

“Beautiful music with spiritual vocalsDJ Ritu / Resonance FM

Following the release of their previous single, the ethereal O Ignis Spiritus, which has enjoyed critical acclaim from Resonance FM and BBC Introducing among others, world music collective Electric Sufi, now come with the second single from their upcoming album due out early summer, Breathe In Love – a track that furthers the band’s climate change conversation with the idea of nurture & leaving a better world for those who come after us.

As with much of Electric Sufi’s music, Breathe In Love mixes traditional Arabic instrumentation with electronica to produce a distinctive sound and is a key philosophy behind the band’s message to find ways of drawing traditions & ideologies together rather than push them apart.

Unlike previous single O Ignis Spiritus, the lyrics are in English and the song itself is based on a mindfulness exercise from the Yogic tradition, although it also reflects the spiritual concept of the ‘Breath of God’ which animated humanity. Band member Professor Chill explains “some traditions suggest that the old testament name of God, ‘Yahweh’, which could not be spoken out loud, would actually be sounded through in-breaths & out-breaths. This multi-level understanding of the concept of breath is also reflected in the current awareness of the planet’s need for life-giving oxygen, as we breathe it in with every breath & in return breathe out the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide”.

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