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Chloe Slater - Price On Fun

Chloe Slater – Price On Fun

Manchester’s indie artist Chloe Slater has dropped poignant new single Price On Fun, taken from the debut EP You Can’t Put A Price On Fun, addictive songs with observations of the issues affecting Gen Z, from influencer culture to the state of UK politics. Telling NME what she wants people to take from the EP, Chloe says: “I’m not afraid to talk about the things that I really care about – which is funny because, in person, I’m actually a very agreeable, quiet, shy person. My music is like my alter ego, the person I wish I was who yells at everyone. I would never yell at anyone, to be honest. I find writing is the only way I can really show how I feel about things.” Fantastic thought-provoking lyrics on this infectious banger – love it!

Katy J Pearson - Those Goodbyes

Katy J Pearson – Those Goodbyes

Katy J Pearson has dropped captivating new single Those Goodbyes, taken from her upcoming album Someday, NowThis track is different from the usual folk-tinged offerings with glitchy vocals that break into a pure and simple, ridiculously infectious indie-pop hit. With its big chorus and sparkly synths, Those Goodbyes introduces the lower pitched vocal and Katy states: “It’s funny, I used to feel like I had to go high for people to hear the vulnerability, but actually, singing in your natural range and being relaxed in it — I think there’s something a lot more vulnerable about that.” Beautiful vocals and great songwriting – another winner from Katy J Pearson.

Clairo - Sexy to Someone

Clairo – Sexy to Someone

Singer-songwriter Clairo has released uplifting new single Sexy to Someone, taken from her forthcoming third album, Charm. It’s a breezy, light hearted track that sees Clairo moving in a more upbeat and soulful direction, in contrast to the somber energy of 2021’s Sling. The lyrics “Sexy to somebody, it would help me out / Oh, I need a reason to get out of the house / And it’s just a little thing I can’t live without” describe wanting to be wanted by someone. According to a press release, the album has been described as a “collection of warm, 70’s-inspired grooves that move lithely between jazz, psychedelic folk and soul” and it was recorded live to tape, featuring a variety of instruments ranging from horns to vintage synthesizers. A real toe-tapper – great stuff!

Ava Vegas, French Horn Rebellion - Saddest Disco Girl

Ava Vegas, French Horn Rebellion – Saddest Disco Girl

Ava Vegas has shared vulnerable new single Saddest Disco Girl which seamlessly merges danceable beats with a touching storyline, making heartache feel both vibrant and deeply touching. The soundscape, crafted by French Horn Rebellion, offers a rich, immersive experience full of indie-groove, and an americana twist. Ethereal, softly-spoken vocals convey a story of love and longing with a haunting beauty and the summery indie-pop sound is interwoven with gentle folk influences, while atmospheric, almost ghostly elements add a layer of melancholy. Ava explains “I’d never admit this to myself or anyone else–but I’ve probably been to many parties secretly hoping to see a certain someone there. It just makes life a little bit more exciting to sprinkle some romantic fantasy and playful drama into it.”

Kaeto - HERO

Kaeto – HERO

Scottish-born, London-based artist Kaeto has shared dramatic new single HERO and says of the video for this summer anthem: “I made the video with my long-time collaborators and best friends: Kyle McCarthy, Maisy Banks and Reuben Davies Lindley. We also made the Good Morning video and the Little Me music video. Maisy and I actually made the spikes for the Don’t Ask music video so we were super happy that they found a home in this video.” Having supported Bleachers on their UK headline tour back in March, Kaeto has just been announced as the support for The Last Dinner Party’s UK tour in October. A powerful pop belter!

Hachiku - Time Wasted Worrying

Hachiku – Time Wasted Worrying

Hachiku, aka Anika Ostendorf, has dropped distinctive new single Time Wasted Worrying and the rich arrangement benefits from backing vocals courtesy of Jessie Warren and Georgia Smith. The songwriter quips: “I like to envision them as a choir of reassuring angels behind me.” Hachiku states: When I was around five, my grandmother told me: ‘If you don’t have a thought in your mind, you’ll die.’ I internalised this, fearing sudden death, and don’t think I have stopped thinking since. I have now learned the value of a calm and quiet mind and recognised that I indeed spend a lot of wasted time worrying.” It’s a warm, summery soundscape filled with synths, upbeat guitars, and lively percussion – a real earworm.

Phoebe Green - I Think That I'm Getting Boring

Phoebe Green – I Think That I’m Getting Boring

Manchester’s singer-songwriter Phoebe Green has shared 80s tinged, sparkling new single I Think That I’m Getting Boring, an ode to coming of age and navigating your early twenties, taken from new EP Ask Me Now. It explores, in Phoebe’s words, “the calmness that comes with being in love and letting go of the fear of being ‘boring’ … There is so much joy in consistency and contentment that seemed so daunting to me because I’d never let myself have it before. It feels like a very anthemic coming-of-age type of song which is funny considering I’m in my mid twenties, but it’s reassuring that I’m still growing in so many ways.” Loving the lyrics on this bubbly, summer belter.

Amyl and The Sniffers - U Should Not Be Doing That

Amyl and The Sniffers – U Should Not Be Doing That

Amyl and The Sniffers have dropped their powerful punk single U Should Not Be Doing That. Penetrating vocals merge with thunderous drums on this unapologetic punk banger. Amy Taylor states: “Lyrically it’s pretty self-explanatory. U Should Not Be Doing That makes me laugh, but it’s also in a way poking fun at the shock that people still feel at a little bit of skimpy clothing, and the bitchy high school way that the music community still is … It’s unconscious and meant nothing at the time of writing it but now I think it’s a comedic way of rubbing the dog’s nose in its own dog piss after it peed on your favourite rug or something.” Another distinctive belter from the rebellious Amyl and The Sniffers.

Cardinals - Nineteen

Cardinals – Nineteen

Irish six piece Cardinals have shared captivating new single Nineteen, from their debut EP HYPE, out tomorrow! Born from a sound they aptly describe as “pop music at its core, personal, youthful, and, if you can see past the chaos and noise, extremely warm,” the six tracks are a reservoir of ingenuity. The sub-two-minute adrenaline shot Nineteen epitomises the band’s bold eclecticism. “It came from a desire to write something short and poppy,” Euan shares. “I had been listening to Buddy Holly when I wrote it; he’s got some great short songs. I’ll let the listener take what they want when it comes to the meaning; it’s very open to interpretation, and it should stay that way.”

She's In Parties - Puppet Show

She’s In Parties – Puppet Show

She’s In Parties have shared the energetic title track of their upcoming EP Puppet Show and it’s about a scary dream where your teeth fall out! Vocalist Katie Dillon states: “In the past I’ve felt pressure to have an online presence and I wasn’t always confident and these were the times where I felt I just wanted to ignore all my problems and procrastinate. Pushing music through my online image isn’t something I find easy and this song reflects this psychological battle.” The inspiration for the track came from both expectations and an awful dream: “My teeth were decaying and falling out and I knew I had to go on stage and perform, which was absolutely terrifying.”

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