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Fink - What Would You Call Yourself

Fink – What Would You Call Yourself

Alt-folk trio Fink (aka Fin Greenall + bandmates Guy Whittaker and Tim Thornton), have dropped new single What Would You Call Yourself, taken from upcoming album Beauty In Your Wake. Greenall states: “If you were alone in this world, what would you call yourself? Without the pressure of others, how would you see yourself? What Would You Call Yourself is about the power of language and also the pointlessness of names, brands and gimmicks. It’s about identity but from within yourself, not your identity in relation to others.” Fink’s music has always been woven into a broader global tapestry, not least because the band’s music has featured on countless film and TV soundtracks and we’re loving this positive, riffy album cut.

Nell Mescal - Yellow Dresser

Nell Mescal – Yellow Dresser

Nell Mescal has shared reflective new single Yellow Dresser, taken from her upcoming debut EP Can I Miss it for a Minute? Mescal said:“Yellow Dresser is a song about realising you have fallen out of love with a person you are very close with. It’s about reaching your limit and figuring out how to move on even if it’s painful.” Of the album, Mescal added: Can I Miss it for a Minute? is a concept EP written about growing up, moving away, friendship breakups and trying to navigate between current emotions and negative memories.” Beautiful vocals & lyrics on this heartfelt, melodic track.

Fiona-Lee - Mother

Fiona-Lee – Mother

Fiona-Lee recently shared new single Mother and states: “The song’s about a difficult situation I was in a few years ago, where I’d moved to London and was living in the basement of my then manager’s office. I wanted to leave and stop working with him because he wasn’t a nice guy, but felt totally stuck because it was like he owned me and I knew how badly he’d react if I left.” The artist is passionate about covering evocative themes and social commentary in her music. This track builds to a captivating crescendo and, with Fiona-Lee‘s compelling, intense vocals, we’re loving this indie-rock belter.

Spielmann - Just Like Everybody Else

Spielmann – Just Like Everybody Else

Singer-songwriter Spielmann’s new single Just Like Everybody Else, taken from his forthcoming debut EP Fifteen Minutes with Spielmann, is described as ‘an anthem for the modern person who wants to have it all, but is probably realising something has to give’. Over a sea of synths and emotional vocals, the self-proclaimed ‘Harry Styles for 6 Music Dads’ ponders and pontificates on how hard it is to remain creative in a world that seems intent on destroying and forgetting the power of art. From publishing his own story to dealing with anxiety and ‘writing letters to my MP that I know he won’t read anyway’, he tries to find an outlet for all his ideas – even if no one is paying attention (but you really should!): ‘It’s a lot to find a job that pays the bills and find a side-hustle that still fulfils you…’ Crank it up & get carried away by this alt-pop belter.

rEDOLENT - dinny greet

rEDOLENT – dinny greet

Edinburgh five-piece band rEDOLENT recently dropped the infectious title track from their upcoming debut album dinny greet (which means ‘don’t cry’ in Scots). Frontman Robin Herbert explains “It’s about living with someone and sharing their mood. Trying to keep it positive, to tackle life together.” Of the album, he adds “It’s a cheer up album about not letting the bad get the best of you, by trying to turn it into something positive. And making the most of the good times when they’re around. It’s built up of snapshots from my life that I felt like people could relate to.” Gowaan – give this banger a listen!

Arab Strap - Strawberry Moon

Arab Strap – Strawberry Moon

Spoken word maestros Arab Strap recently dropped their distinctive single Strawberry Moon, taken from new album I’m totally fine with it don’t give a fuck anymore. “Lyrically, it’s maybe the most personal song on the album,” says the band’s Aidan Moffat, “About a period when I wasn’t doing very well, both mentally and physically. I was walking with a cane and in pain most of the time, and drowning my sorrows too, trapped at home and watching the phases of the moon through a window. The moon always seems to pop up in my lyrics, and the song’s a sort of secular hymn in praise of her constant change. She’s always a comfort, always hopeful, and always makes me smile.” It’s dark, delightful and totally unique, going from grunge tinged punk rock to techno, backed by the excellent comedic yet tragic lyrics.



CARSICK have just dropped new single Gig Tax, critiquing the grubby side of the live music industry and they shared “Gig Tax is our heartfelt tribute to the trials and tribulations of being a young(ish) band on the great British touring circuit. There’s nothing we love more than playing shows and the UK is absolutely blessed to have such a vibrant independent music scene, full of incredible bands, promoters, venue staff and punters who live and breathe music … but we’re also very familiar with the other side of that coin: dodgy geezers down the local who want to pay musicians in “exposure”; bands in a tiny green room acting like they’re Oasis; hecklers and haters either in a live crowd or on the other side of a screen.” Energetic, raw & honest indie-punk – what’s not to like?!

Alien Chicks - Steve Buscemi

Alien Chicks – Steve Buscemi

London outfit Alien Chicks have dropped raging new single Steve Buscemi, taken from their debut EP Indulging The Mobs. They state: “Steve Buscemi is a tongue-in-cheek satire of everyday frustrations that lyrically was written as a joke (“you’ll get flamed like bread in a toaster”) and musically was written to explore rap in our sound. It quickly became a crowd favourite and we love how it’s been shaped by the crowd’s live response.” Crunchy guitars, slick bass riffing and a frantic London vocal that borders on feral. It’s quirky and nicely encapsulates the band’s explosive live show.

Sick Love - Chill For The Summer

Sick Love – Chill For The Summer

Irish alt-rock outfit Sick Love have just dropped the anthem Chill For The Summer. Frontwoman Rebecca Geary states: “Chill For The Summer was written as a response to rising violence and sexual assault against women. I saw a thread of hundreds of people sharing their stories of being attacked by men, all unprovoked and mostly because they rejected them. The line ‘She wouldn’t even give me her number’ is the excuse of the attacker that it’s justified to target women just because they say no to you. We’re always told to ‘Just say no’ when it’s not that simple, and can end up with someone being assaulted or even losing their life.” Hard-hitting lyrics and a powerful chorus – what a belter!



BEDROOM TAX have shared their soulful new single Breathe, a ballad that speaks volumes about love, appreciation, and resilience. Drawing from a diverse array of musical influences ranging from funk to reggae, R&B to pop, and indie, the East London outfit delivers another stellar release that resonates deeply with listeners. The track carries a message of empowerment and solidarity, sparking meaningful conversations about love and the importance of supporting each other. Lead vocalist Josh Collins captivates with his infectious melody, supported by a dancey rhythm section that has become a trademark of BEDROOM TAX’s sound and we’re loving it!

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