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Pip Blom - I Can Be Your Man

Pip Blom – I Can Be Your Man

Dutch indie-rock trio Pip Blom released their album Bobbie late last year and we bring you I Can Be Your Man from it. Direct synths quickly diverge into an infectious bass-driven indie rock track. For this album, work with synthesisers and computers began from the very beginning, and Pip recruited producer Dave McCracken in a co-writer role to make sure the vision was fully realised and to gain a little more “clarity” and be trimmed into the tight, punchy pop hits that make up the new album. Pip comments: “One of the things I am most happy with on this album is the vocal sound. My voice sounds warm and intimate, but also punchy and fierce at other times.”

Lizzie Esau - Impossible & Strange

Lizzie Esau – Impossible & Strange

Lizzie Esau has shared new single Impossible & Strange and says: “The song explores the pain of waiting for something to happen that you desire so badly, so much so it makes you lose your mind. It’s about going down a rabbit hole in your own head, imagining different scenarios of how things could play out. The music reflects these lyrical ideas, with floaty and dreamy verses and explosive choruses, symbolising the antagonising frustration of feeling powerless in your own life, building in raw anger and emotion as the song progresses.” An explosive arrangement that’s constantly throwing up unexpected changes on first listen makes this a highly engaging release. A great production melds the low-end synths, ethereal top-end & crowd-pleasing backing vocals into an irresistible slab of sonic heaven. Lizzie Esau is making all the right noises – definitely an artist to keep your eye on.

Mary And The Sharks - I Know (I Know)

Mary And The Sharks – I Know (I Know)

Berlin based Mary And The Sharks has described new single I Know (I Know) as a “deep dive into decision-making, vulnerability, and self-awareness, no frills attached. It captures the everyday struggle we all face, laying bare shared moments of intimacy and the quest for positivity amid life’s twists and turns.” Great melodies throughout on this alt-pop gem that sings about the existential issue of living in the moment while pondering on what’s next. A rich arrangement of guitars and synths give this a timeless feel that steals from the eighties while sitting firmly in the here and now – pop music at it’s best. Hey Mary… where’s the middle 8?!

Teezo Touchdown - Impossible

Teezo Touchdown – Impossible

Teezo Touchdown recently shared his album How Do You Sleep At Night? and on heartfelt track Impossible, Teezo sings about understanding the power you possess over your own future: “Who said it’s impossible? Give a name… an address… I want them right now.” The album sees Teezo and his various guests blending through a variety of rap and R&B styles. His unique and extremely expressive singing vocals have become somewhat of a hallmark of his music. Impossible has a great light footed groove that trucks along with lyrics that touch on the subject of chance and whether life decisions make any difference or not. Its simplicity works well at getting the point across & I love it for that reason.

The Swims - The Interior Castle (ft. Kathryn Crowe)

The Swims – The Interior Castle (ft. Kathryn Crowe)

Surfy indie-rock outfit The Swims have dropped The Interior Castle ft. the beautiful voice of Kathryn Crowe and they state: “The princess isn’t actually locked away in a tower, she’s right there in front of you, but you must conquer your own reality and ego to be able to see her. You must travel deep within your own castle, deep within the interior of your mind. Perhaps you will find God or something more than this mundane reality that leaves us drowning in a bleak void of nothingness.” Lyrically an existential take on Rapunzel in which solutions are inside you if only you can open your mind to them, the track’s an infectious dream-pop gem with a rich and joyous sound on the chorus that makes it an enticing listen.

TELLL - Terrified (ft. Oliver Welter, Marlene Weber)

TELLL – Terrified (ft. Oliver Welter, Marlene Weber)

Oliver Welter, frontman of the cult band Naked Lunch, has delighted the national and international theatre world in recent years, particularly with his reinterpretation of Schubert‘s Winterreise. Now Welter is returning to the world of pop and proving once again that he still has the saddest voice in the universe. Together with the great singer-songwriter Marlene Weber, he sings the love song Terrified as a guest on the latest single by the Viennese indie pop project TELLL. A melancholic, yet relaxing groove unpins this tale of vulnerability and finding strength to carry on in the wake of an intense breakup. With elements of early Bowie and indie kids Flyte, a similarity to Lou Reed‘s innate talent for storytelling makes this a rich & satisfying listen.

Club 8 - Sunny

Club 8 – Sunny

Sweden’s Club 8 have shared the catchy single Sunny and describe it as: “Escapism, Saint-Jeannet, Bubblegum Splash, Belmond Reid, Ice Bath, Tramway, Christie Laume, Fuji, Samuel Belay, Love and Desire….” The track has an instantly hooky electro-pop vibe that only gets better when the dreamy vocals come in and sweep you away. For me, it could have done with an extra section to complete the picture but there’s no denying in my mind this is an infectious piece of ear-candy despite being over before it’s begun! Beautiful.

Low Girl - Icarus

Low Girl – Icarus

Low Girl have dropped an irresistible piece of alt-pop and their most ambitious single yet, Icarus. The track takes the band to a new level, cementing the exciting groundwork they have put in place over the last couple of years. Frontperson, Sarah Cosgrove explains “Icarus is a lot to do with my tendency to make myself smaller, whether that’s to avoid criticism or appease others. I actually wrote this song years ago as a slow piano ballad, and until recently it had pretty much been left behind. My right-hand man, Toby, has always been fond of the melody and words, so, with his encouragement, I started reworking it as a dream pop track.” It continues themes found across Low Girl’s music – feelings of loneliness, self-worth, mental health and the constant trials and struggles of finding one’s identity growing up. Great songwriting/sentiment on this beautiful track.

Sailor Honeymoon - Bad Apple

Sailor Honeymoon – Bad Apple

Korean punk band Sailor Honeymoon return with the single Bad Apple, a track written about an ugly vibe within the friendship group. It’s another infectious offering of fuzzy punk designed to challenge the meticulously manufactured music of their homeland. The band’s intention is to create noisy, loose, and improvised on-the-spot rock music, accompanied by the freedom to say whatever they want to. This unfiltered way of making music is an intentional act of rebellion in a country known for its heavily commercialised pop industry. We’re loving the act of rebellion and non-conformity – what a belter. Crank it up loud!

Kaeto - No Body

Kaeto – No Body

Back in October, Scottish-born, London-based musician Kaeto dropped the high impact post-punk infused banger that is No Body. With vocals that are part Kate Bush and part Jessie Ware, it would be all too easy for Kaeto to go for a simple pop moment. Instead, No Body draws from Talking Heads and Fever Ray to bring the listener something cosmic, complex, and psychedelic, drenched in atmospheric electronica and a skittering clubland beat. Kaeto details smartphone obsessions and modern vanity but states: “I’m not trying to be preachy. I’m exploring these things because I’m doing them, and I can’t stop.” Atmospheric and hypnotic with a gorgeous vocal – what’s not to like?!

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