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Chilli Jesson - Icarus

Chilli Jesson – Icarus

Glad to say Chilli Jesson‘s back with a raging new single and states: “Icarus is a cathartic, rebellious romp that channels common burning frustrations with the mundanity of everyday life. Brimming with attitude and contempt for just settling with your lot, the title pulls from the figure in Greek mythology who did not take sound advice from his peers and allowed his own hubris to be his downfall by flying too close to the sun.” The punchy drum beat, heavy guitar reverb & repetitive chorus portray Chilli’s irritation on this absolute banger. Turn it up loud!

Shame - Alphabet

Bloom Twins – Pretty In Pink

Bright & sassy, latest single Pretty In Pink from London based Ukranian identical twins Anna & Sonya Kuprienko, aka Bloom Twins, is lean and to the point. Touches of electronica poke through infectious guitar lines all topped off with attitude laden vocals – a great indie-pop production that gets right under your skin. They state: “Bloom Twins capture the complexity of a character who is both sweet and chaotic. The song narrates the tale of a young woman who is unapologetically herself, a paradoxical blend of sweetness and chaos, leaving an indelible mark on all who cross her path. Pretty in Pink is not just a song; it’s a manifesto for bold living, a celebration of individuality, and the beauty of the untamed.”



Alternative duo ALT BLK ERA have shared a playful, raucous headbanger, which uses the Oggy chant of its namesake and it’s the final track on recently released debut EP Freak Show. Nyrobi – who forms one half of ALT BLK ERA alongside sister Chaya – has said: “There are so many people we know who feel silenced or ostracised for being who they are. We wanted to miss that nonsense and show up loud and proud. There’s no better way to do it than with an Oggy chant!” The EP addresses fears, hopes and the remembrance of souls lost to the pressures of social conformity. It’s also a defiant celebration of the here and now, urging us to accept and embrace the young alternatives who are yet to rise. What a belter!

Matt Berninger - One More Second

Fat Dads – Jenny

Five piece indie-rock outfit Fat Dads bring pop appeal on their infectious new single Jenny. The track’s an indie banger – a legitimate piece of guitar pop that emphasizes each musician’s individual voice. Combining into something unified, it’s a ready made fan favourite that is already an exhilarating aspect of their live shows. Coming together from all over the country – three from Carlisle, one from the Wirral and one from Kirkcudbright in Scotland – Fat Dads were officially born. With a shared love of bands such as The StokesSports Team and RATS, Fat Dads set about creating a sound in their own image. Melodic & catchy with great storytelling – what’s not to love?!

The Blinders - Brakelights

The Blinders – Brakelights

Four-piece The Blinders have dropped a rock anthem in new single Brakelights, taken from their upcoming album Beholder out next year. The Blinders decamped to a stripped-out cottage in rural Wales to drill down and create a final, focused demo that they could take to America as a blueprint of Beholder. The band say that Brakelights is the perfect introduction to their new album, dripping with a dark atmospheric intensity which equally lurks across the album’s other 9 tracks. With its frenetic energy, thought-provoking songwriting & clever rock production, this is one album to check out.

Midlake, John Grant - You Don't Get To

Midlake, John Grant – You Don’t Get To

Midlake & John Grant have released a collaborative double AA single Roadrunner Blues/You Don’t Get To. Poignant, witty songwriting on this infectious track will have you going back for more. “We loved making Queen of Denmark with John and furthering our love for him musically and personally,” says Midlake’s Eric Pulido.” John Grant adds: “Very happy that these songs I did with Midlake are finally seeing the light of day. Eric Pulido asked me a couple of years ago to come to Denton and do a couple of songs for their BNQT project and of course I said yes, because working with Midlake on my first solo album Queen of Denmark was one of the greatest times in my life.” Loving this one!

Say She She - Bleeding Heart

Say She She – Bleeding Heart

Brooklyn-based trio Say She She have shared new album Silver and we give you album track Bleeding Heart. The band say to Flood Mag: “Coralling a crate of emotions, Bleeding Heart is our song about chasing a folkloric love that’s so devastating you travel the world but can’t escape it. We were channeling the edgy undertones of Grace Jones, 70s Punjabi playback singers and the psychedelic yearnings of Linda Peracs on this one!” Say She She blend post-punk, dance music from a number of eras, and electro-pop thrillers to create something deeply reminiscent of party-starting music yet strikingly unique in its own right. The band get political on Silver touching on the abortion ban bill and gun reform.

King Creosote - Blue Marbled Elm Trees

King Creosote – Blue Marbled Elm Trees

King Creosote has shared hypnotic new single Blue Marbled Elm Trees from his recently released album I DES, on which he finds his rekindled love for ambient and modular kicks. The track provides this vivid journey, immersive by the intro synth notes that emerge and resonate in the ambience. The notes grow, the harmonies join and your attention is hooked. It’s heartfelt, reflecting on life, death, the universe, art and love, shown in the lyric “I had the best time laughing with my girls.” A stunning, arty video accompanies this thought-provoking, morbid yet upbeat track which keeps you enthralled the whole way through. Beautiful.

Simen Mitlid - Neighbours

Simen Mitlid – Neighbours

Norwegian singer-songwriter Simen Mitlid has shared new single Neighbours from his album Fredsvenn. A great vocal blend from the beginning on this Elliott Smith inspired track holds your attention beautifully throughout – great lyrics & great songwriting with a production that’s well on point, what’s not to love?! Some cool sounding backing vocals on the end section bring it to a close in a very tasteful manner. The album is a return to simplicity, with a stripped-down approach to instrumentation and arrangements and the title Fredsvenn (Friend of Peace) is inspired by the illegal peace demonstrations by the art painter Bendik Riis in Norway during World War II. Simen blends indie, folk and pop with his gentle, melodic voice and intricate instrumentation.

Tara Clerkin Trio - Marble Walls

Tara Clerkin Trio – Marble Walls

Back in August, Bristol’s Tara Clerkin Trio announced the release of a new 5-track EP titled On The Turning Ground and shared the first exquisitely beautiful and beaming single The Turning Ground. Now the trio of Tara Clerkin and brothers Sunny-Joe Paradiso and Patrick Benjamin have shared a second spellbinding cut called Marble Walls. Clerkin’s ethereal vocals take centre stage on the dream pop Marble Walls, a sparse open number featuring some fat quirky synth, gentle guitar strums and trip-hop beats. The label state: “there’s no avoiding the overt sparkling melodicism of songs like Marble Walls and The Turning Ground, undeniable re-directions of that late 90s impulse to bend pop sensibilities into off-centre terrain, to render the familiar new again.”

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