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Futureproof are at Glastonbury but we haven’t forgotten to schedule ‘Picks’ which this week includes belters fm Nick Cave, Fontaines D.C., total tommy & lots more. If you like what you hear please follow and share this playlist, it helps us keep doing our thing by getting the algorithms on our side. Also please support the artists featured in any way you can!

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total tommy - ADELINE

total tommy – ADELINE

Sydney based artist total tommy has dropped an infectious slice of intimate lo-fi indie grunge in new single ADELINE. Co-written with her wife Caitlin Park (aka experimental pop artist HANDSOME), the reflective song offers advice to total tommy’s teenage self, promising that things will improve: “I need to remind you / You don’t have to do this anymore.” Total tommy states: “I was feeling really nostalgic about being back in my hometown, and wrote ADELINE as a bit of a letter to my teenage self, and the advice I’d give her now. It’s about finding that ignition and getting better at being able to shut off all of the noise your brain makes.” Heartfelt lyrics and a real earworm for sure!

Fontaines D.C. - Favourite

Fontaines D.C. – Favourite

Fontaines D.C. have shared emotional new single Favourite, taken from upcoming album Romance and vocalist Grian Chatten described the song as having “this never-ending sound to it, a continuous cycle from euphoria to sadness, two worlds spinning forever.” The tune is made all the more heartfelt when paired with a music video of childhood footage of the five band members intertwined with clips from their recent trip to Madrid. A great mix of the band’s distinctive post-punk sound with the iconic sound of 90s indie. Fantastic poignant lyrics with the unique vocals of Grian Chatten – another banger from Fontaines D.C. and we love it!

Sea Girls - Come Back To Me

Sea Girls – Come Back To Me

Sea Girls recently dropped the single Come Back To Me from recently released third album Midnight Butterflies. Frontman Henry Camamile says: “I loved this person, I missed them, so I just wrote it in a song. Our journey as a band has made me more confident and I haven’t had any inhibitions making this album, so I just thought I’d write what I felt and have fun with it and that became Come Back To Me.” Passionate and vulnerable vocals develop gradually until they reach a soaring crescendo. The track builds via a series of intimate moments, shifting into something celebratory and jubilant even as it regales us with a seeming tale of heartbreak. Crank it up loud for this catchy belter!

The Dare - Perfume

The Dare – Perfume

After receiving a shout-out from Charli XCX on the brightest and brattiest release of the year so far, New York City’s indie sleaze poster boy The Dare is soaking it all in on his new single Perfume. Over a pulsing beat and sparse twangs, Harrison Patrick Smith makes over-exaggerated statements about the seductive qualities of his five-dollar fragrance in his characteristically superficial style. The accompanying video only enhances the sleazy scent of Perfume, the nostalgia and narcissism packed within it. It also upholds the continuous comparisons to LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy that Smith has been subjected to since he debuted. Witty and catchy – you can’t help but listen and smile!

Beharie - Adore - A COLORS SHOW

Beharie – Adore | A COLORS SHOW

Norwegian indie-soul artist Beharie has shared new single Adore | A COLORS SHOW and he states: “I’ve watched some of my favorite artists do their own COLORS show, so to do my own is really exciting. It feels great to give Adore an early debut and its very own version together with COLORS. I hope people like it!” Drums, harmonicas, and guitars merge to create a rich, tapestry-like soundscape against which Beharie lays down mellow musings on the pain of leaving a passion-filled relationship. Pristine vocals combined with invigorating songwriting – what’s not to like?! Immerse yourself in this beautiful, melodic track.

Automotion - It Was Over Before It Began

Automotion – It Was Over Before It Began

Energetic quartet Automotion have just released their latest EP Dissolve and we give you the track It Was Over Before It Began. Guitarist and vocalist Jesse Hitchman states: “Dissolve is very arpeggio-led and relies heavily on the guitars being locked in, perhaps more than any other EP we have done before. The main thing that sets it apart is the amount of trial and error that went into it. The outtakes are probably ten times the length of this EP because we were so obsessively particular over each chord, drum fill, and arpeggio.” The band are key members of the community that surrounds South London venue Brixton Windmill, with their wild performances attracting much attention.

Imogen and the Knife - Red (is my colour)

Imogen and the Knife – Red (is my colour)

Imogen and the Knife has shared powerful new single Red (is my colour) from debut EP Some Kind of Love, a beautiful, poignant track about legacy, womanhood and learned behaviour. “This is one of those songs that fell out fully formed, which usually happens when I’m searching for something.” says Imogen. “I guess it’s a broad question of legacy, womanhood and our learned behaviour that shapes the continued degradation of women. It asks what it would truly mean to start again without any influence of heritage or structures; what parts of us are unknowingly intrinsic to the cycle of hurt. The song addresses you, myself, anybody. It’s less of a call to arms and more of an invitation to look inward.” A mesmerizing track – stunning vocals and songwriting.

Fionn Regan - ISLANDS

Fionn Regan – ISLANDS

Irish singer-songwriter Fionn Regan is back with captivating new single ISLANDS. Written during a stay in Mallorca, Fionn Regan found inspiration in the tides, watching the waves lap into the beach, on this reflective summer anthem. “When I wrote the song it was like there was something cosmic about it, because it doesn’t sound like my other songs” says Regan. “I felt like it was almost a gift from The Beatles or whatever wellspring they drew on. I remember being in Mallorca and thinking, ‘Were The Beatles ever here?’ Not that I’m saying it’s on their level but it has some sort of cosmic flow to it.” A mesmerizing track that conjures up relaxation – chill out why don’t cha!

The Heavy Heavy - Happiness

The Heavy Heavy – Happiness

Five piece retro inspired rock band The Heavy Heavy have shared upbeat new single Happiness, taken from their upcoming debut album One Of A Kind and it’s a three minute rolling pop effort that’s filled with luscious guitar melodies and catchy vocals, all coated in a shimmering sun-kissed energy. Written entirely by bandmates Georgie Fuller and William Turner, and mostly recorded at Turner’s studio in Brighton, One Of A Kind maintains the self-contained approach of their debut EP Life and Life Only. But in a departure from the EP, One Of A Kind leans away from Laurel Canyon-esque folk-rock and fully embraces their British roots, finding a particularly crucial inspiration in the gritty and groove-heavy hedonism of the Rolling Stones’ Goats Head Soup. What a toe-tapper!

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Frogs

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Frogs

Melancholic songwriter Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds recently dropped new single Frogs, taken from upcoming album Wild God. The track was the first to be written for the upcoming record and its lyrics reference the Biblical tale of Cain’s slaying of Abel. Cave stated: “The sheer exuberance of a song like Frogs, it just puts a big fucking smile on my face.” Frogs conjures up a post-rock ambiance as whirring synths and cavernous drums collide beneath Cave’s unique and powerful singing voice. Another rousing track from a Futureproof fave Nick Cave, whose distinctive sound and mesmerizing lyrics never cease to cause goosebumps!

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