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Ibejii - Gonto - artwork

“The music is cross-cultural, cross-continental, & truly delights music lovers from diverse continents” TCN (The Culture Newspaper)

“His trademark storytelling, which is adored by fans, uses sweet melodies, captivating metaphor & traditional folklore” – The Guardian

Afro-retro singer and soulful storyteller Ibejii releases the track Gonto – a dramatic and expressive piece that touches on the emotional rollercoaster foisted on us all by CoviD19, Black Lives Matters, the End SARS movement of young people and other recent events.

Gonto is rich in metaphor and hugely orchestral, taking the listener on a journey that captures the impunity of the ruling class but also the daring of a new generation whose defeat of fear made End SARS inevitable. Sung in traditional Yorùbá language, on Gonto, British born Nigerian artist Ibejii tells a story of defiance by the younger generation against the rich and powerful oppressors while “leaning on your own handiwork” and showing respect to all.

Produced by DopeL at Natalio Studios in Lagos, Ibejii says of the release: “Gonto captures the casual insensitivity of the big and powerful masquerade (political leaders) and their failure to give voice, or space, to the little masquerades (ordinary people). It’s the voice of a new generation who, having defeated fear, insist that unless they’re afforded space and recognition, confrontation is inevitable”.

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