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Authentic Hull based non-binary solo singer-songwriter Moss is ecstatic to present their debut single Black Dahlia – a tale of betrayal, as symbolized by the black dahlia flower variant; & in particular self-betrayal & the overcoming of it.

Produced by Warren Records indie maestro Adam Pattrick, the track’s rich & jangly Johnny Marr tinged guitar arrangement sets the scene for Moss’s heartfelt vocal delivery, which conjures up comparisons to indie bands from back in the day like Aztec Camera, Orange Juice & The Sundays.

The Black Dahlia flower (which doesn’t actually exist in nature) symbolises betrayal & sadness, while in the context of this song it relates to self-betrayal & in response to that, being kind to yourself. With its opening lyric about an old man with no wrinkles probably signifying a miserable life, the song goes on to sing about grabbing life with both hands, being open to whatever comes your way, while letting opportunity in and not allowing yourself to be held back by other people’s rhetoric.

Moss says of the release: Black Dahlia, for me symbolises an evolution from being a bedroom musician, estranged to the music world, to now playing on stage & finding my place & family in Hull’s vibrant music scene over a six-year period. The record’s almost a diary entry into my life, as I got fed up with people taking me for granted & so I kept telling myself I need to ‘do it for YOU’”.

(press release, artwork & images included in MP3 download)