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Ria Barkr / Monday - artwork

Hailing from Bristol, Tennessee, US RnB singer Ria Barkr has an undeniable passion for creating music as deep as her roots. A relative of the Carter family & daughter of a singing prodigy who’s worked with Whitney Houston, Mick Jagger & Bob Marley, Ria releases her debut EP ALPHA SHE – a fresh collection of songs about empowering feminine masculinity & challenging society’s view of women.

This key track from the EP, Monday, with its sultry flavours & downtempo groove makes for a future slow-jam classic. With a passionate vocal performance that clearly echoes someone who’s spent time listening to the world’s greatest soul voices, the lyric “I pay the bills with a job I don’t like, Monday on my mind always watching my clock” epitomises all that the song’s about, making your way in the world while always keeping a focus on what you’re looking to achieve. Ria explains: “it tells a story that encourages people to pursue their passion, even when it doesn’t feel possible. This song definitely lets the listener in on how I felt when I was working a job that didn’t align with my purpose. I hope it encourages others to keep hold of what they believe in and work towards it above all else”.

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