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The Fades / Looking for Keanu - artwork

“The ridiculously infectious Fades” John Kennedy / Radio X

It’s like someone fired a surf-punk into the sun at warp speed while a heavenly choir rejoices in the shredding with their beautific aaaahs”  Fresh On the Net

We’ve all been there at times… losing faith in life, questioning who to turn to for solace and meaning – and this time it’s lead singer and guitarist Dave Lightfoot of South London garage rockers The Fades. Having heard a rumour that Keanu Reeves was filming around the corner from their rehearsal studios just after experiencing a midlife breakup, Dave’s imagination was set alight thinking: imagine bumping into Keanu on the street, hanging out and going back to the studio with him for a jam together – then an amazing lifelong relationship can begin, but before that there’s a song to write and here it is…

Looking for Keanu is a 90’s inspired slice of slacker indie rock that features The Fades at their most reflective and self-effacing.

The naked honesty in the verse lyric is plain to see but even in the darkest moments there’s always hope to guide us through to better times and then comes the chorus: it’s powerful, catchy and you can’t help but be lifted up by its energy.

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