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Trouser Dress / Dandelion & Burdock - artwork

“Wonderfully warm and quaint” Mystic Sons

Following the critical success of their debut release Devil Town, about issues of transgender and self-identification, genderqueer singer-songwriter Trouser Dress is back with a new single Dandelion & Burdock. Released on Hull’s Warren Records and recorded at their inhouse studios with local indie producer Adam Pattrick, it’s a song about personal growth and an evolving sense of self-awareness.

As with their previous release Dandelion & Burdock’s arrangement is centred around a ukelele (which was given to them at the tender age of 11, and from where their own musical journey began) but this time it’s with a fuller sound, thanks to the drums, bass and Adam’s mixing.

As for the lyric, the artist explains “it’s a song about my personal growth and how I’ve learnt more about myself and where I stand than I ever thought I could. I’ve had most of my family and friends stand beside me and support me in my identity, although I have lost people along the way. This song in particular describes my relationship with my dad and how growing older, removed the rose-tinted glasses I saw him through. In terms of the music, the song acts as the bridge between the style I preferred when I was younger and the style that fits best now”

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