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Charismatic UK based Zimbabwean, hip-hop artist Yxngmind aka Simbarashe Chaitwa, is proud to share his distinctive debut single Full Clip – a track about the current state of rap music around his home town of Hull in the North East of England and the desire to deliver a pure & positive message through the music.

After meeting local musician & producer Alen Allaw on a collaborative group project put together by Hull’s Warren Records, the two started working on Full Clip and with some help from in-house producer Adam Pattrick, the resultant record was born.

Tired of trends being ‘copy & pasted’ by various musicians & rappers, as well as the clichés found in the current fusion of the Afro Drill & Trap genres, Yxngmind feels he wants to bring something unique to the scene. He explains: “as a promise to myself I keep all my lyrics clean & it’s something I’m proud of. I want to prove that it’s possible to make a better type of music & in the process reconnect with what I feel is the original message of rap; to make a stance for something better using our voices. I feel Full Clip showcases my diversity as a rapper & Alen Allaw’s quality production”.

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