Dan Lyons has been busy in the studio crafting his debut album in recent months and new single Biarritz, released today, is the first track to emerge from these sessions.

Featuring Clémence Quélennec, originally from French psych-rock band La Femme, Biarritz is a haunting track with nods to Django Reinhardt, Leonard Cohen and Serge Gainsbourg. The track’s atmosphere conjures a sense of sitting in a café, smoking, drinking and thinking about where it all went wrong.

Of the track Dan says: “In the context of the song, ‘Biarritz’ can be anything, or anywhere. It’s an escape, a fleeting romance. The town itself is a seaside resort, not dissimilar to where I am now, in Margate. Everything in these places is very seasonal. Everyone closes up shop for the winter, and the ones that stay are left huddled around the radiator thinking of summer”.

On the live front Dan will be supporting the Libertines in Manchester on Dec 10th at the Victoria Warehouse and Birmingham on Dec 14th at the O2. If you’re in the area be sure to check him out. He’ll be playing Biarritz and other tracks from his upcoming album SubSuburbia due out in the New Year


(Dan Lyons, Francois Got)

I tried so hard to tell her that this was not the answer
Willing and unstable, she was born to be a dancer
Always on the table inside her maisonette
Stood a tiny statue with a face full of regret

She wandered through the streets that told her where to go
And the city never sleeps because it doesn’t have a home
Born inside a test tube because daddy wasn’t clean
The product of a mad man and a dirty magazine

I loved you in Biarritz, I loved you in Biarritz
I loved you in Biarritz, all the time

There seems to be a problem with the place in which we live
The butcher’s lost his temper and the vicar won’t forgive
See the village moron standing on his own
Laughing at himself and taking pictures with his phone

With every open doorway and all the shining lights
You’d think that in the face of death, they’d learn to be polite
Well, if there is a God, I’d like to let him in
I’d ask him what he’s done with George then kick him in the shins

I loved you in Biarritz, I loved you in Biarritz
I loved you in Biarritz, all the time

I remember nightly, I would sit and wait
Always in the kitchen, always in a state
She used to sing so softly and took away my pain
But since she killed my brother, it’ll never be the same

Oh, I wish it could be different and that we could start again
The world has lost a lover and a thinker, and a friend
All across the country, I hear her little voice
I’d like to go and see her but I haven’t got a choice

I loved you in Biarritz, I loved you in Biarritz
Yeah, I loved you in Biarritz, oh

Je t’aime a Biarritz, Je t’aime a Biarritz
Je t’aime a Biarritz, oh
Je t’aime chaque jour