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Master Peace - Start You Up

Master Peace – Start You Up

Indie-rapper Master Peace recently shared the energetic single Start You Up from his debut album How To Make A Master Peace. He states: “I wrote Start You Up and it instantly became one of my favourite records from the album. It has that Friendly Fires, Scissor Sisters energy with the swag of Kele Okereke! The song is about reigniting an old flame or an old relationship and trying to make it work even though you have your concerns. I wanted to give indie sleaze!” Set in a post-Covid family household in which everyone works, socialises and exercises from home using technology, the video echoes the claustrophobia of lockdown times. But Master Peace briefly escapes this domestic prison by reaking into an involuntary dance.

Gen and the Degenerates - BIG HIT SINGLE

Gen and the Degenerates – BIG HIT SINGLE

Vocalist Genevieve Glynn-Reeves explains: “If you want the highbrow answer, then Big Hit Single is about the experience of creating art under late capitalism. If you want the lowbrow – and slightly more honest – answer, then Big Hit Single is me trying to wind up our label. They’d made quite a reasonable request: ‘Please can you write more songs like the song that did well and stop experimenting with every genre under the sun in a completely chaotic and hedonistic manner? Unfortunately, I have issues with authority.” It came out last year but we’re loving the energy and the witty lyrics on this one!

Gurriers - Des Goblin

Gurriers – Des Goblin

Irish outfit Gurriers are tearing up the noise punk scene with their explosive new single Des Goblin. The band’s Dan Hoff said: “Des Goblin is about apathy and self-obsession in the face of impending destruction, particularly to do with the effects of climate change and war and people being too obsessed with themselves and their online personas to be able to see the wood for the trees. Musically we pulled from further afield than previously, and really leaned in on our dance influences as well as a more fluent spoken word style vocal.” It soars and it crashes and you can see why it’s a fan fave at gigs, causing utter chaos! what a belter!

Melts - Altered

Melts – Altered

Dublin’s Melts have dropped second single Altered from their upcoming Field Theory LP. “Altered is a love song about how love can be a catalyst that allows you to be more open to the world around you, and transforms your perspective on life. You become influenced by your environment, maybe more vulnerable to it, but overall, more aware of your surroundings” the band explain. The tender themes belie the track’s manic sonic spirit. Urgent synth arpeggios usher in vocalist Eoin Kenny’s imperious proclamations, which become ever sharper over a bed of evolving, propulsive krautrock.

Dog Race - It's The Squeeze

Dog Race – It’s The Squeeze

Dog Race have dropped another bizarre yet wonderful track in It’s The Squeeze. Vocalist Katie Healy says it represents a pivotal point in her last relationship – when it was beginning to become stifling. “I know that it’s my fault, but then it’s not, but then it is again” perfectly represents that internal struggle with yourself when a relationship is coming to an end, and these lyrics, coupled with the electronic sound of the track, feel cathartic, in many ways. It has a definite Kraftwerk feel to it. Unique, hypnotic, part-gothic, part-eighties-synth-pop and we love it!

Alexandra Leaving - Bite

Alexandra Leaving – Bite

Back with a darker vibe than previous single Conversation Killer, Shropshire born London based artist Alexandra Leaving releases all her feminine rage on new single Bite – a mid tempo banger that draws you in with a lyrical tale of moving on from what’s seemingly a destructive & dysfunctional situation. Produced by Michael Smith, known for his work with Wolf Alice & Thom Yorke, the sound of this record is big with a capital B – strident, & almost bluesy, guitars build an atmospheric landscape over which Alexandra’s vocal delivery penetrates deep into your soul, while strident backing vocals complete the picture – excellent songwriting from a rising talent.

Bill Ryder-Jones - I Hold Something In My Hand

Bill Ryder-Jones – I Hold Something In My Hand

Taken from Bill Ryder-Jones’ 5th LP Iechyd Da (good health in Welsh!), we’re loving this beautiful track with its poignant lyrics. Ryder-Jones celebrates directness, being more open and honest than ever, whilst always able to seamlessly balance sadness with stunning beauty. Soaring violins and cello come together with gentle horns as I Hold Something In My Hand hits its powerful crescendo. The album sees him embrace hopefulness in earnest. “Even by my standards the last few years have been rocky, but I’ve chosen to soundtrack it with more positive music, you know?” he has said of the record. Stunning!

junodream - The Oranges

junodream – The Oranges

Heavenly, hypnotic track The Oranges was taken from junodream‘s debut album pools of colour. The single, inspired by a recurring dream that singer Ed Vyvyan has, seeks to encapsulate the feeling of escapism and creativity that is at the heart of what the band are all about. A visceral but ultimately uplifting track, he describes The Oranges as: “sort of what junodream means to us as a concept. It’s a creative outlet, separate from the stresses of this weird, amazing, terrible world. It’s the moment of uplift in the album, that’s why it comes right at the death.” Psychedelic melodies and poignant lyricism invite you to go on a weird, unique trip – loving it!

Lambrini Girls - God's Country

Lambrini Girls – God’s Country

Lambrini Girls take aim at the UK Government on raging new single God’s Country. They state: “God’s Country is our long, overdue call-out of the government and rise of the far right. We wrote this a few months back, when the political landscape had evidently reached a global boiling point.” The song was produced by Daniel Fox of Dublin band Gilla Band and its video sees the duo heading around London and filming outside Buckingham Palace. Lambrini Girls will play their biggest headline to date at London’s SCALA on 13th June 2024.

Mount Kimbie - Fishbrain

Mount Kimbie – Fishbrain

Electronic outfit Mount Kimbie have shared new single Fishbrain from their upcoming album The Sunset Violent. The track reflects Kimbie’s knack for experimentation and sonic playfulness, pulling listeners into their trippy and infectious storytelling. Throwing in stacks of gritty guitars, they build a tower of distortion, with airy vocals whispering through the cracks of the soundscape. We float along as the group explores unexpected avenues of sound, gradually climbing towards an impactful ending. It’s accompanied with a music video directed the extremely talented animator and videographer Tegen Williams. Sketching a dystopian tale of an underground fish-scale factory, Tegen uses charcoal animations to illustrate a gloomy world filled with eerie twists and turns.

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