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Sasha Assad - Bad Nature

Sasha Assad – Bad Nature

Loving indie-rock anthem Bad Nature from Sasha Assad – what a belter! It’s taken from the upcoming Tearstick EP out in March. The track follows on from previous single Still and Sasha states: “I wrote this on the same day as Still and they sort of mirror each other I guess. Still is quite a toxic song when you think about it. I mean, it’s literally about refusing to get over someone. Bad Nature is just as shallow and selfish in that respect. So that’s what I’ve written – a shallow, selfish song!” Fantastic vocals on this infectious, rousing ear-worm – what a toe tapper!

The Reds, Pinks and Purples - Your Worst Song Is Your Greatest Hit

The Reds, Pinks and Purples – Your Worst Song Is Your Greatest Hit

The Reds, Pinks and Purples have shared gloomy yet upbeat new single Your Worst Song Is Your Greatest Hit from their upcoming album Unwishing Well. Over dreamy, grey-skied guitar and synth washes, Glenn Donaldson laments “Your first idea got watered down,” adding, “Only the worst parts could be found.” Heartache can take a back seat to self-searching disappointment this time around — a new side of RPP’s palette of anguish. Unwishing Well is a reflection of us, the icons we adore, the Adonises we worship, the false prophets that proselytize the edicts from theses cults of personality, the fallouts, the third acts and the artistic fabrics that spool these sub-sects of artful dodgers into the stuff of legend.

BADBADNOTGOOD - Take What's Given

BADBADNOTGOOD – Take What’s Given

Canadian outfit BADBADNOTGOOD recently dropped new single Take What’s Given featuring Houston riser reggie and it sees the band take a countrified, rootsy detour, as horns, harmonies, reggie’s gospel-infused croon and jazzy chords coalesce into a sunlit spiritual. “The groove for Take What’s Given came together while we were messing around during setup, and we were just having fun with it until reggie started freestyling what became the lyrics. It quickly became an infectious song and we ended up laying it down within a couple takes. Stylistically it’s super different than anything we’ve put out before but we had such a fun time playing it and it was stuck in our heads for a year while we worked on other stuff.” Wow this one makes you smile – how can you not love it?!

Palace - Bleach

Palace – Bleach

Palace have shared new single Bleach from their album Ultrasound and it’s a gorgeous 4 minutes of swirling guitar layers, hazy vocals and intricate melody playing. During the creation of the first batch of songs for the album, Leo Wyndham’s partner suffered a late miscarriage. Ultrasound became an open diary of a year-long struggle from devastation to deliverance. “It was incredibly hard to comprehend what had happened, how to deal with it and how to move forward,” he said. “The album is the journey of that experience – starting with a loss, then a period of processing, and then finally acceptance, release and growth. And being in awe of women within that. Their dignity, strength and courage in how they can deal with these things that feel beyond a man.”

Malin Andersson - How It's Supposed to Feel

Malin Andersson – How It’s Supposed to Feel

Scandinavian singer-songwriter Malin Andersson has shared her beautiful new single How It’s Supposed To Feel from upcoming album Space To Feel and it beautifully captures the listener’s attention with its highly intimate acoustic arrangement, over which a tale of vulnerability meets confrontation and surprise.  Malin states: “The song captures the disorientation experienced when someone close to you disappears from your life without trace, leaving you with only questions & no answers”. With support from BBC London, Scotland & Ulster plus a premiere on Euphoria & upcoming press support from Louder Than War & RnR, Malin just goes from strength to strength with her stunning vocals and gorgeous songwriting.

Moonpools - Never Mind

Moonpools – Never Mind

Swiss band Moonpools have just dropped the new single Never Mind from their forthcoming EP Hide and Seek! – a melancholy song with dreamy, longing vocals, space-y synths and an overall ethereal vibe. Moonpools stated: “I wanted to tell a story about someone trying to comfort a friend. They’re trying to show support and express their understanding. But over the course of the song, the comforter realises they don’t believe the words they’re saying and fall into the same hopelessness and indifference they were aiming to help their friend overcome.” The track encompasses thick, layered guitars, with Marcie’s infectious vocal melodies gliding over the top. The video accompanying the track is a cinematic dreamscape of seaside shots overlaid with the band, gradually warping and fragmenting as the song and its distortions build.

The Staves - I Don't Say It, But I Feel It

The Staves – I Don’t Say It, But I Feel It

The Staves have dropped I Don’t Say It, But I Feel It from their upcoming album All Now and state: “This was the first song we recorded for the album, and we had just written it so there’s a freshness and an immediacy to it for us. The song is about passing surges of emotions and memories that often don’t get expressed or articulated. It’s exploring that state of stillness on the outside but with a flurry of things happening below the surface and how, often, we don’t let on what we’re really feeling most of the time or how much we’re feeling it. Even the question ‘how are you?’ can prove difficult to find the answer to … The song came from a train ride down to Brighton with friends with the scenery whizzing by—the transient flashes as things come in and out of focus. The song is built around this two-chord pattern that kind of chugs along and motors through, picking out these jolts of feeling or memory that rush by.”

Bombay Bicycle Club - Fantasneeze (ft. Matilda Mann)

Bombay Bicycle Club – Fantasneeze (ft. Matilda Mann)

New single Fantasneeze, featuring Matilda Mann, is the first track to be released from Bombay Bicycle Club‘s forthcoming EP Fantasies which will be available on eco-mix vinyl. The band reunite with their long-term collaborators, Lucy Rose, Rae Morris and Liz Lawrence, who fans will remember from their work on some of Bombay’s standout tracks, and frequent live cameos. Sonically, the EP aligns with the experimental sound of their recent sixth album My Big Day, which featured collaborations with Chaka Khan, Damon Albarn, Jay Som, Nilüfer Yanya and Holly Humberstone. Can’t wait for the biggest headline show of their career at London’s Alexandra Palace Park on 12 July.

plantoid - Insomniac (Don't Worry)

plantoid – Insomniac (Don’t Worry)

Brighton experimental outfit plantoid describe themselves as “Prog and Jazzy Psych” and they’ve just dropped new album Terrapath on eco-mix vinyl. They’re a genre-bending quartet fashioned by hard-hitting guitars and heavenly vocals and their sonic exploration evokes the sound of 1960s psychedelia with a promise of experimental jazz fusion. Emotion, whether it be through their music, lyrics, or performances, is a large part of plantoid’s creative impetus. Through all the crazy solos, elastic basslines, acrobatic vocals and supermassive drum beats, Terrapath is a story about finding yourself through the music you love.

The Last Dinner Party - The Feminine Urge

The Last Dinner Party – The Feminine Urge

Wow The Last Dinner Party can do no wrong and fourth song The Feminine Urge from debut album Prelude to Ecstasy about feminine rage is no exception. Singer Abigail Morris told Apple “It’s about the relationship between mothers and daughters and how those go back over generations, and the shared traumas that come down … It’s the sudden realization of the mortality and fallibility of your mother that you don’t get when you’re a child. It’s also wondering, ‘If I have a daughter, what kind of mother would I be? Is it ethical to bring a child into a world like this? And what wound would I maybe pass on to her or not?’” Stunning, distinctive vocals on this infectious anthem – what’s not to love?!

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