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Girl and Girl - Mother

Girl and Girl – Mother

Australian garage-rock outfit Girl and Girl have recently shared the infectious banger Mother, from their upcoming debut album Call A Doctor. Frontperson Kai James shares: “I wrote Mother about my beautiful mum and how our relationship has matured and evolved from my late teens to my mid-twenties, shifting from this all-knowing being into something a bit more human. There’s beauty in that shift, relief at the fact that no-one’s perfect, but then fear and doubt, too, as you step out and slowly learn to trust and back yourself.” Jangly guitars lead into the catchy drums and distinctive vocal of Kai James. Great lyrics on this catchy number – bet mum’s proud!

Wallows - Calling After Me

Wallows – Calling After Me

Wallows have dropped catchy, upbeat new single Calling After Me, taken from their forthcoming album Model. The trio comment: “We like that Calling After Me is pretty fun and light on its feet for a Wallows song. We’re excited for people to hear it and play it live this summer.” The track portrays a newly forming relationship growing in secret and explores the toxicity and rush of love and secrecy. Wallows unveiled the news of a global tour with an accompanying eerie short film directed by Nina Ljeti, starring all three members and Benee, who is set to open for the band’s North American dates. What an earworm – we just need some sun!

Soft Launch - Cartwheels

Soft Launch – Cartwheels

Irish outfit Soft Launch have dropped belter of a debut single Cartwheels, a twisting, turning, tumbling slice of indie pop brilliance. A press release explains that we’re “not in traditional boy band territory here: unless the boy band in question is as much Vampire Weekend and The Beatles as they are Harry Styles.” Cartwheels received its first play on BBC Radio 1 from Declan McKenna sitting in for Clara Amfo and it’s a self-produced debut that dissects moments within a relationship placed under a microscope. All of Soft Launch write, produce, and deftly interchange instruments throughout both the recording process and gigs. An energetic, infectious debut single – we can see why they’re already packing out live gigs.

STONE - My Thoughts Go

STONE – My Thoughts Go

Liverpool quartet STONE have dropped new single My Thoughts Go, taken from their upcoming album Fear Life For A Lifetime. The album is described in a press release as “coming together like a coming-of-age narrative – a place that can help people navigate the tumultuous experiences of young adulthood”. It adds “If you’ve felt love but not always felt you deserved it; if you’ve been ambitious but also wracked with self-doubt; if you’ve been confident at times but crushed by anxiety at others: this is the album for you.”  The band blend punk energy with introspective lyricism and a rousing chorus on this energetic banger – loving it!

The Mysterines - Sink Ya Teeth

The Mysterines – Sink Ya Teeth

The Mysterines have shared vigorous new single Sink Ya Teeth, from their upcoming album Afraid of Tomorrows. Vocalist Lia Metcalfe said, Sink Ya Teeth is a testament to the brutality of real love. It was written during a time where the boundaries of pain and passion were warped amidst the chaos of addiction and desire.” Lia says of the album “Afraid of Tomorrows is a mirror where you find you’re nothing more than a formless being, one made from celestial constellations – of traumas, of the old and new, mistakes, addiction, fear and happiness, loneliness, but ultimately a desire for life and the fight to keep living. It’s a collage of what’s been lost and of love unbounded.” Wow The Mysterines just never fail to hit the mark – another breathtaking indie-rock anthem!

Lip Critic - Milky Max

Lip Critic – Milky Max

New York City band Lip Critic have been making bugged-out, electronic-laced punk music, and they’ve just dropped crazy, intense new single Milky Max from their upcoming debut album Hex Dealer. The videogame being played in the the official video was designed by Jesse Natter, brother of Lip Critic drummer Ilan Natter, and it’s actually playable. The song starts with electronic sounds of pigs squealing, and then erupts into a noisy track that sounds like post punk meets electronic noise. It’s a a pulverising slab of electronic hardcore that you’re gonna either love or hate! Luckily, we love it!

Kaeto - Don't Ask

Kaeto – Don’t Ask

London-based avant-pop artist Kaeto recently shared captivating new single Don’t Ask, a sophisticated sonic shapeshifter, effortlessly blending trip-hop, dance, jazz, and electronic influences with a hint of punk’s playful, theatrical anarchy. “In this song I am writing about my relationship with myself”, Kaeto says. “Maisy and I directed the video. The video is a celebration of our skin and the beautiful human body. Liv Lockwood is the incredible choreographer that we worked with. She has an amazing brain and she really understood what we were trying to create. The choreography perfectly encapsulates the internal struggle we experience that is reflected in the song and I loved the use of the symbols of teeth, the mouth, hair and the tongue.” Wow – keeps you enthralled until the end – fantastic vocals & melody.

Karin Ann - false gold

Karin Ann – false gold

Slovakian indie-pop artist Karin Ann has shared the absorbing new single false gold from her forthcoming debut album through the telescope. Ann delves deep into narratives involving gender equality, mental health, and human rights in her music, embarking on a journey to understand struggles of youth like young love, toxic relationships, and insecurities, resulting in an ethereal yet catchy soundscape best encapsulated by this new track. “I’ve always believed in the power of music to connect people, so while through the telescope dives into the depths of my emotions and experiences, I don’t like to dissect my songs too much,” the young artist said. Fantastic songwriting and vocals on this endearing track – a real earworm.

Bored at My Grandmas House - How Do You see The World?

Bored at My Grandmas House – How Do You see The World?

Bored at My Grandmas House (aka Amber Strawbridge) has shared a new single from her upcoming album Show & Tell. “HDYSTW is a song I wrote about humanity’s greed, ignorance and lack of accountability surrounding the state of the world we live in. It’s about how we as humans still prioritise material goods, wealth and power rather than sustainability within society – even when all the facts, stats and evidence highlighting our negative impact and its dangers are handed to us on a plate. It’s me questioning how big we really are in the grand scope of life and predicting mother nature’s rightful comeback.” Floaty vocals and jangly guitars go alongside serious songwriting on this beautiful, captivating tune.

mary in the junkyard - marble arch

mary in the junkyard – marble arch

Experimental rock trio mary in the junkyard have just dropped the eruptive new single marble arch, from upcoming debut EP The Old House. The track is described in a press release as “a song that bursts outwards from small beginnings into moments of grandeur: it is a true document of mary in the junkyard’s ability to conjure a sense of raw feeling.” The band’s Clari Freeman-Taylor said of the song: “It’s about the intense relationship between sisters, and leaving home and not wanting to come back.” Stunning vocals and great lyrics on this absolute belter – just love how the track rises and falls, coming to an explosive climax.

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