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Adwaith - MWY

Adwaith – MWY

Acclaimed Welsh post punk indie band Adwaith recently dropped their powerful new single MWY which continues to explore new sounds whilst staying true to their unique artistic vision. The recording process for their double album has taken Adwaith to studios in the Outer Hebrides, Lisbon, and the wild west and north of Wales, allowing them to capture a diverse range of influences and experiences. Vocalist Hollie Singer describes the track as a reflection on reconnecting with one’s homeland and finding belonging within one’s community, “finding our tribe”. We’re loving the vocals and stomping drums on this unique belter.

86TVs - Tambourine

86TVs – Tambourine

86TVs have announced their upcoming self-titled album with belter of a new single Tambourine and the band describe the song as “the most succinct and direct thing we’ve put out yet.” Band member Will states: “Tambourine was the first song we started working on as a band. It was written one summer when lots of people I knew were entering their 30s – a friend described their dad as a ‘human tambourine’ and it all found its way into that song.” The track comes with a new wave knot of guitars which evolve into a soaring chorus. Crank it up for this absolute banger!

Fast Money Music - Space Opera

Fast Money Music – Space Opera

US born London based musician Nick Hinman, aka Fast Money Music is back with another track from his Rouge EP in the form of post-punk banger Space Opera. Featuring a colourful mix of indie flavoured guitars, synths and saxophone, this song about space age lust that ‘according to the artist’ doffs its cap to the lights of Tokyo, the spirit of Blade Banner and the playfulness of The Fifth Element, has a catchy, melodic almost Bolan-esque style chorus, that gets right under the skin. With credits that read like a who’s who of pop royalty, like members of The 1975 on drums & sax, Beck, Air & The Kooks producer Tony Hoffer on co-writing duties to name a few, Hinman’s in good company for sure and I’m not surprised he’s got Steve Lamacq, John Kennedy and Jack Saunders all singing his praises.

The Sherlocks - Death Of Me

The Sherlocks – Death Of Me

The Sherlocks have shared Death Of Me – their first single of the year and what an upbeat anthem it is! Vocalist Kiaran Crook states: “This feels like the freshest thing we’ve done in a while in the sense that we know we can write and record rock ‘n’ roll tunes no problem, and don’t get me wrong we love doing that! But this song came about and immediately felt different, almost like it wasn’t crying out for guitars quite as much. We gave the song a minimalistic approach in many ways and I think it ended up sounding like nothing we’ve done before because of that.” Fantastic soaring vocals on this infectious, dynamic track – lovin’ it!

China Bears - Total Communication Breakdown

China Bears – Total Communication Breakdown

Indie four-piece China Bears recently dropped the vibrant anthem Total Communication Breakdown, taken from their upcoming debut album Participation Trophy. It’s an uplifting banger with rousing, guitar-led melodies and a powerful, infectious chorus. “This is the last song we wrote for the album,” explained lead singer Ivan, “listening through the album demos we felt like we were missing a pure cathartic rock-esque track. With refining from producer Rod Jones (Idlewild), we came out with Total Communication Breakdown This song really magnifies the moments of isolation you go through during the initial stages of separation with someone, fighting every urge to not reach out to them.” Electrifying vocals and heartfelt lyrics on this absolute belter!

Sasha Assad - Imagine Mary

Sasha Assad – Imagine Mary

Alternative artist Sasha Assad recently shared infectious indie-rock cracker Imagine Mary, taken from her second EP Casablanker. It grabs you from the start with the lyric “Think I’m coming down with the flu” which then explodes into a romantic belter about ‘Mary’! Sasha states: “Ever fallen in love with someone who doesn’t exist? Neither have I, but with Imagine Mary you’ll think you did! Yes I’ve written another love song – and it’s getting pretty scary. I had a lot of fun writing and producing this song, possibly the most fun I’ve ever had with a track. It was all pretty fast, recording and a pretty decent mix done on the first day.” Well we’re just loving this soaring, upbeat track so go on – blast it out!

Joan As Police Woman - Long For Ruin

Joan As Police Woman – Long For Ruin

American singer-songwriter Joan Wasser, aka Joan As Police Woman, has shared sobering and confrontational new single Long For Ruin, taken from the upcoming studio album Lemons, Limes & Orchids. Wasser states: This song refers to the human race’s seemingly willful move away from ourselves. Away from our interest in listening, in finding commonalities and compassion, communication and love. We seem intent on destroying ourselves. We seem unwilling to share resources. We seem to have turned away from ourselves and in turn each other.” Sagacious songwriting & beautiful vocals on this poignant, emotional track.

Moonchild Sanelly - Scrambled Eggs

Moonchild Sanelly – Scrambled Eggs

South-African rapper Moonchild Sanelly recently shared new single Scrambled Eggs and states: “My writing recently has been me at my most humble, and Scrambled Eggs is me reminding everyone: By the way, I AM that bitch! I’m a multi-passport artist travelling the world in custom designs and doing it all on my terms. And I’m really f**king proud of that.” Produced by Johan Hugo, the track is a pan-continental affair recalling the dub-infused, hypnagogic RnB of late noughties luminaries M.I.A and Santigold. The video was directed by Jabu Nadia Newman and, honouring her roots, was shot in Johannesburg and described as an “action-packed, chaotic and carefree caper, and celebration of female-led business empires.”

Angélica Garcia - Gemini

Angélica Garcia – Gemini

L.A.’s experimental artist Angélica Garcia has shared a pop banger in new single Gemini, from upcoming album Gemelo. It’s a big, shimmering groove, and Garcia throws herself into the track, wailing that she sees doubles everywhere she goes. Garcia states; “Sometimes, I just want to be playful because so many things in the world feel simulated anyway. Choosing joy in the face of everything sometimes feels like rebellion. Gemini leans the most into the Chicano Batman influence. Carlos Arévalo and Eduardo Arenas both play on it. Our friend William Alexander did a live cut of the drums, and it’s the only song on the album where the drums weren’t processed like samples. A big part of Gemini‘s personality comes from the live feel.” Infectious to say the least – everyone in the office is singing “I see double”! What an earworm!

hard life - tears

hard life – tears

Fantastic to see Leicester indie outfit easy life back with their new name hard life. Their ridiculously infectious new single tears addresses the legal battle – “It’s a hard life, I can’t lie,” frontman Murray Matravers sings, “it’s been a rush, in the hard times, lucky I got friends that I trust. It was easy in my 20s now I gotta lawyer up, gimme air miles or a fair trial Stelios.” Apparently EasyGroup has labelled the lyric as “disparaging and defamatory” having taken the band’s original name! Well we’re glad to see you back with a great choice of new name and a banging tune both lyrically and melodically.

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