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86TVs - Someone Else's Dream

86TVs – Someone Else’s Dream

86TVs (The Maccabees’ Hugo and Felix White) have announced a headline tour of the UK and Europe this Autumn, and the news arrives alongside infectious new single Someone Else’s Dream from their upcoming self-titled debut album. Felix says: “When I hear Someone Else’s Dream, I think of us as children falling deeply in love with music for the first time; sat in front of the TV being transfixed by XTC on Old Grey Whistle Test or dragged closer to the screen by The Clash doing Clampdown or inhaling The White Album. It’s got a spirit in it of how we felt about those things back then and, come to think of it, still do.” Another earworm – check out dates and go see them!

October Drift - Demons

October Drift – Demons

Highly aclaimed indie-rock outfit October Drift have shared their new single Demons, an anthem about togetherness, taken from upcoming album Blame The Young. A simple synth riff hooks you in straight away and sits perfectly over the massive backing track. It’s a wonderful blanket of fuzz guitar, driving bass and drums which, together with fantastic vocals, form this highly infectious track. Frontman Kiran Roy says, “It’s about being there for someone. Getting everything off your chest. It’s about protection – “your castle is my ribcage, your gates are my teeth”. It’s being a sounding board, being a punch bag even. It’s about finding solace in another person, and maybe both feeling incomplete or having things weighing them down but being stronger together – “rest in my ruin” / “rest in your ruin”, “sleep on a piece of broken heart”. What a banger!

Bad Nerves - Sorry

Bad Nerves – Sorry

Essex punk band Bad Nerves performed an awesome new session for Radio 1’s Rock Show to celebrate the release of their album Still Nervous. As well as sharing his excitement over the whole thing, frontman Bobby Nerves teased during the show that there’s some home country headline shows on the way – so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, Bad Nerves will be playing at Reading & Leeds in the summer, and then heading over to North America to support The Hives. The track Sorry features tight, simple, and pleasingly rhythmic riffs that are sure to inspire a little toe-tapping! The vocals, likewise, add an important layer of vibrancy and excitement to the songs; while the instruments pound away, building an atmosphere of unwavering, adrenalized persistence.

STONE - Queen

STONE – Queen

Liverpool’s STONE have dropped their catchy new single Queen, taken from debut album Fear Life For A Lifetime, and announced a 2024 UK / European tour. The track’s an anthemic and infectious indie rocker, with the ear-catching opening line, “I could drown in a bath of expensive wine”. Frontman Fin Power stated: “I wrote Queen from the perspective of the person I was seeing at the time, and the words that they said to me. I remember someone saying to me, ‘You know, I don’t love myself, but I love the way you look at me.’ It’s a song about how falling in love is actually such a powerful thing that it makes you doubt yourself.” Crank it up for this belter – lovin’ it!

Ain't - Oar

Ain’t – Oar

London five piece Ain’t have shared their enthralling debut single Oar. Written in the midst of the pandemic, the track meditates on the swarming frustrations that stem from losing faith in those in charge. Hanna Baker’s vocals elastic-snap between a darkened, sardonic reverie and a spitting swell, capturing both the self-protection of apathy and an ever-bubbling, eruptive anger. The band’s line-up produces a sonic scowl, piecing together an incandescent hum that borders industrial noise and a lush, slow-pop dreamscape. “When the promises come unstuck, I’m left to steady the oar,” Baker laments, leaving Ain’t to pick up the pieces. Fantastic vocals on this stand-alone, dynamic track.

Leonian Dream - Greenhouse

Leonian Dream – Greenhouse

Leonian Dream have shared their infectious new summer rock single Greenhouse, taken from their upcoming debut EP Gloomy Room. The band’s Leonie Prater states: “Greenhouse battles feelings of anxiety and escapism against the freedoms of optimism within an ever changing world. Sometimes convincing yourself that the grass is always greener…” Having gigged in and around the Devon & Dorset area for the past three years honing their sound and craft, the band released their debut single and future EP title track Gloomy Room in April; a confident blend of the best 90’s Alt-Rock with a nod to current Indie-Rock legends such as Wolf Alice and Wet Leg. Leonian Dream take influence from 90s Grunge, European Folk and Australian Indie Pop/Rock to form a new dynamic sound.

The Japanese House - :)

The Japanese House – :)

The Japanese House (aka Amber Bain) is back with the sunny, uplifting new single :). “Smiley Face is a song I wrote when I was very excited about talking to someone off a dating app,” Bain explained. “She lived in Detroit, and I was fantasising about flying to meet her. I was in a session at the time for someone else’s stuff, but I couldn’t help this song spilling out of me, I was in some sort of frenzy. Turns out I did buy the plane tickets, now we’re engaged.” It’s Amber’s fave song she’s written and what an upbeat, infectious banger it is. Great lyrics and melody on this country-pop track – it certainly makes us smile!

Etta Marcus - Death Grips

Etta Marcus – Death Grips

Etta Marcus has shared a new single and states: “Written four years ago, Death Grips has taken many life forms. As I grow up, I find the meanings of songs change. Death Grips became one of those songs. At that time, the ending of my teenage-hood came hand in hand with the ending of my first relationship. Mourning the loss of both these things, I felt stripped of identity, frustrated and suffocated like most teenagers do. The drama of it all took shape in the form of this song. Over ten versions written and finally it decided to make itself clear this year. It took one day of lyrical changes and transposing it onto a piano for the intention to feel newly relevant to me. Violent yet soft, the drama is still there but it’s all grown up now.” Great songwriting and beautiful vocals on this haunting track.

oreglo - comet (ft. Bel Cobain)

oreglo – comet (ft. Bel Cobain)

oreglo have teamed with Bel Cobain for their new single and state: comet started as a jam one day when we found the “comet rain” patch on the keys. Now it’s grown into a song that we hope makes you feel like you’ve seen a shooting star or a comet. We thought Bel’s voice matches that and sounds perfect on the track – she’s added an extra layer of meaning to the song.” Bel Cobain adds: “It was lovely working with the boys, especially after having them open for me at the London show. They’re so talented. Their sound is very nostalgic and took me back to a familiar time, that I could easily write from.” It’s oreglo at their most mellow and introspective, skillfully aided by Bel’s smoky vocals. Haunting and soulful with beautiful vocals – what a fantastic tune to chill to.

Enola Gay - Cold

Enola Gay – Cold

Enola Gay have dropped a contemplative new single and state: “Cold was one of the first tracks we ever wrote, written from a place of admiration for our close friend and her family. We vividly remember meeting her and the infectious energy she brought to our friend group so to discover that she had a sister, who was terminally ill, really took us back. As she and her family battled one of the most tragic experiences imaginable, their love remained fortified and their heads grounded.  Witnessing this set our adolescent self-destructive behaviour into perspective. We wrote something we hope echoes an acceptance that you can be bruised without being broken. We all have our problems but we can’t become consumed by them, be grateful for what you have.” Poignant and profound – a stunning track.

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