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The Lovely Eggs - My Mood Wave

The Lovely Eggs – My Mood Wave

Psych-punk power duo The Lovely Eggs have shared their upbeat, infectious new single My Mood Wave. Singer and guitarist Holly states: “My Mood Wave is kind of an internal thought monologue. It’s a brain on a surfboard, trying to navigate the barrage of daily shit that gets washed up each day. It’s a coping mechanism handbook for people who sometimes find the world too much.” Since their last music, they’ve made their own TV series EGGS TV and hosted it on YouTube, they dueted with Iggy Pop, played a load of sold out gigs and festivals and spent two years fighting to save Lancaster Music Co-Op (a community rehearsal rooms and recording studio where they live). Impressive & what a toe-tapping banger to come back with!

Ride - Peace Sign

Ride – Peace Sign

Shoegaze outfit Ride recently shared a new single from their upcoming album Interplay. Peace Sign started life as a jam recorded at Marks’ OX4 studio, in early 2021,” guitarist and singer Andy Bell said in a statement. “We called it Berlin and initially it featured Loz on drums, Steve on bass, and myself on a prophet 5 synth. About six months later I got hold of the recording and wrestled it into song form. Lyrically I was inspired by a film called The Alpinist about the visionary free climber Marc-André Leclerc.” Andy Bell and Mark Gardner share lead vocals in the band’s signature harmony style and we’re loving this energetic banger with its poignant, infectious lyrics.

IDLES - Gift Horse

IDLES – Gift Horse

Bristol punk band IDLES have dropped intense new single Gift Horse from their recently released album TANGK. The song is an aggressive, raucous rock track, driven by Bowen’s muscular, metallic riffs, with frontman Joe Talbot scowling “Look at him go” repeatedly over the chorus. Speaking about the track, Talbot said: “Look at us go! Music and movement for you and yours. Be bold and ride us like the disco donkeys we are.” The band said of the new album: “I needed love. So I made it. I gave love out to the world and it feels like magic. This is our album of gratitude and power. All love songs. All is love.” Another banger from IDLES – we love it!



Dublin noise-rockers SPRINTS recently dropped the final single from their debut album Letter To Self. “The brutally cacophonous sound communicates how it feels to be paralysed and inspired by anxiety, pairing intrusive thoughts, panic and intensity with that anxiety inducing build,” vocalist Karla Chubb explains. “Heavily inspired my early Bauhaus records and PJ Harvey’s Is This Desire? it draws a heavy influence from ’80s gothic – the purposeful space reflecting the isolating nature of panic.” Wow – you feel tense as the raging track builds to a crescendo and anyone who’s experienced panic, will understand totally – great lyrics.

Lime Garden - Pop Star

Lime Garden – Pop Star

Brighton based quartet Lime Garden have released their new album One More Thing. Tongue-in-cheek references to their not-quite-so-exciting daily lives litter the record. “I don’t wanna work my job, ‘cause life is fleeting and I’m a pop star” sings lead singer Chloe Howard on the groaning Pop Star, laying bare the frustrations struggling artists face. She states: “Pop Star was influenced by a real pop star and me not wanting to go back to my part-time job after being in the studio.” The album covers themes of self-doubt and trepidation and is reminiscent of 2000s-era indie, while also evoking modern influences like Wet Leg, Sorry and Japanese House.

Kim Gordon - BYE BYE

Kim Gordon – BYE BYE

Kim Gordon recently dropped the single BYE BYE from her upcoming album The Collective and she stated: “I’ve been waiting so long to share this song and video with you all. It was made with love and fun.” Monotone yet expressive and a perfect soundtrack for raging and reckless women, Bye Bye sees her go on the run. Lyrically, the track winds through nothing much more than a packing list. Name-dropping designers, essential items and little reminders; written down, they could be notes-app bullet points, but paired with a deliciously dark instrumental score, the track is imbued with a cinematic edge. Loving the drama & edginess of this one.

Vampire Weekend - Capricorn

Vampire Weekend – Capricorn

Vampire Weekend recently shared the melodic new single Capricorn from their upcoming album Only God Was Above Us and what an infectious ear-worm it is. Capricorns are stuck in January, the worst month, and this track emphasizes the pessimistic Capricorn worldview: We’re not the generation putting people on the moon, and also it’s too late for us to probably fix climate change, so we’re stuck in the middle, stubborn goats with mermaids’ tails adapting to rising oceans. We’re loving this wistful ballad with its poignant lyrics and great vocal – got it on repeat!

Warpaint - Common Blue

Warpaint – Common Blue

In 2022, Los Angeles indie rock outfit Warpaint shared their fourth album Radiate Like This. Now, the group is back with the announcement of their signing to Rough Trade as well as a new 7″ containing new single Common Blue. “It started with the chord progression on guitar,” vocalist and guitarist Theresa Wayman says about Common Blue. “Jen and I jammed it in her living room in Echo Park and it became a song. We sent it around the houses (Stella and Emily’s houses) and all its elements were brought to life. It’s intended to inspire freedom! Rising up again and again, climb a ladder to the sky, catch the view like a butterfly! Everything is possible… it ain’t over till it’s over!” 20 years together and back signed to Rough Trade – what an amazing story and a stunning track.

Lilly Carron - Wild For Change

Lilly Carron – Wild For Change

New Zealand artist Lilly Carron has shared the beautiful, ethereal new single Wild For Change from her upcoming EP And The Clouds Came Undone, and she states: “At its core, Wild For Change is about wanting to run away. To jump on a train and watch the landscape change, to slowly get further away from the mundane and the responsibilities handed to us in our early 20s.” Fantastic, haunting vocals and great lyrics from a young artist who’s surely on the way up and one to watch. Just love this one!

Beth Gibbons - Floating On A Moment

Beth Gibbons – Floating On A Moment

Singer-songwriter Beth Gibbons has shared poignant new single Floating On A Moment, a heavy song with an unburdened spirit; Gibbons sings of the finality of death with a simplicity that could suit a children’s book. Appropriately, the mood turns almost upbeat in the song’s finale, as a gentle choir buoys Gibbon’s clear-eyed observation: “All we have is the here and now.” A deeply affecting track with beautiful vocal and lyrics – really makes you think and taken from Beth’s forthcoming solo album Lives Outgrown which describes aging and leave-taking.

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