“One man, one mic, one guitar, a bag full of
magic and a mouth like an 808 – the
Salvador Dali of rap ‘n’ roll”

With performances at Secret Garden Party, OXjam and the Berlin Music Video Awards under his belt, rambunctious eccentric Oscar Mic releases his latest single High Speed – a beatbox extravaganza that sees this highly individual artist step out from behind the shadows to take centre stage.

High Speed, with its charmed beat, is a song about impatience and being quick to get things done and move on to the next thing – a sentiment felt by Oscar Mic himself, who openly admits to having too much energy and a short attention span. The track is produced by Seattle born, Berlin based producer Gordon Raphael, best known for his production of The Strokes’ first two albums plus working with Regina Spektor and ex-Skunk Anansie lead singer Skin. Lyrically, High Speed reflects on past family generations and trying to make sense of moving forward with reference to where we’ve come from, in lyrics like “if we went back to source, there’s no office of course, what is your place in this thing?” Oscar Mic says of the subject “I often wonder about what makes us who we are and comparing situations to our tribal pasts. Would we be doing this before money & society? Sometimes thinking we’re mostly living pointless lives and getting caught in the trap”. For the video, High Speed sees Oscar Mic speeding round East London on a bike looking for inspiration, intercut with the rapper expounding his thoughts on where we all sit within the scheme of things in modern times.

Having been inspired and influenced by a diverse range of artists including Beck, MF Doom, US garage-rock band The Sonics, LA doo-wop act The Cadets, beatboxer Reggie Watts & Apsáalooke rapper Supaman, Oscar Mic (real name Seamus Hayes) grew up in South London with his father, an Irish actor (National Theatre, RSC) and mixed race Jamaican mother (Indian, African, Jewish) who was a teacher. He was introduced to music at the age of six when he started learning trumpet, before turning to the guitar at the age of thirteen. Having grown through Punk, Goth, 60s Retro and the Ramones in his early teens, he later got into rap and soon formed The New Infection who were played on BBC Radio 1 and gigged regularly. The band then disintegrated and Oscar Mic found the confidence to step out as a solo artist after testing a loop pedal in Denmark Street, where the shop’s staff asked him when his next gig was and what his social media links were . . . that’s it he thought; “I could, I should and I NEED to go it alone”.

Now gigging as a solo artist, with his “SpongeBob” guitar and winning fans throughout the land, Oscar Mic is performing at Nunfest and other events this spring. There’s more to come from this charismatic performer for sure but in the meantime, for regular updates please check out his website and socials.

Relevant Links www.oscarmicmusic.com